Ambitions climbing high, inspired by Rod Wood

I have friends who tell me of their day, getting back from the gym or their family walk or….well I am a self confessed lazy person and even the idea of clubbing gets me shaking to the core of some sort of physical activity. I am not great at sport but that doesn’t mean I don’t have ambition or appreciate the world as nature intended.

So on reading Rod Wood’s Kenya, A mountain to climb – a diary of events of his ambitious build up to his quest to climb a mountain, actual and metaphorical had me gripped!

Ron’s first task achieved years ago, an epic high both on adrenaline of climbing to the top and achieving the biggest life goal ever, having climbed Kilimanjaro, a little or in this case a big task to tackle and complete with pride you find solace in an achievement well done.

Secondly after the calm after the storm he feels unsettled, there’s that itch, something upsetting the balance. A reminder of that wondrous achievement is very much in the rear view mirror, years having slipped by. The aging anniversaries of the first success letting you know that you are not happy with the status quo he seems to have fallen in.

It’s just a matter of time before you start to wonder, imagine and first draft a plan to do something epic again – a new victory to sort out. Let’s face it who stops at one mountain when you can have two?

There was a whole kind of holiday planning, least what to pack and more as to who was going with him, those important things like family commitment and finances playing on peoples minds whilst all the time having that need to go to Mount Kenya.

Challenges before new terrain and cultures including ill health (fundraising and charity work undiminished and continuing working as a vet) which could have affected Rod’s will, desire and the need to fulfill this planned trek.

Even the training program before leaving had Rod evaluating his surroundings in his home town and surrounding counties taking up walking long distances and “dealing” with his depression through the healing mood created by the natural environment.

There’s such an amazing wealth of what he encounters on his trip, Mount Kenya and safari’s, no spoilers you will need to read the book to find out the inspiring greatness of Africa. There’s  pictures representing the trip, the views and the cultures and so much more of his great exhibition in this excellent retelling of events.

So for further details visit


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