Fashion a creative question

I have previously mentioned doing e-learning and extending my skill set. I have also mentioned my flair for anything creative and so it might surprise you that I do follow and have an interest in fashion. Innovation fascinated me and fashion scares and inspires me at the same time and this then led to my article below.

Fashion innovation immunity by Laura Sansom

Who is designing a fashion brand specific to a wearers health needs and not just their purse, the trends or peer pressure?

Whoopsie Daisy

With the usual fashion faux pas, mismatches and colour clashes, crying tears after falling over in heels and creases in the low end mixed adulterated linens there is always a non-surviving trend and always a trend setter. A pair of jeans with half the fabric missing or a low bearing blouse revealing a lot of tit for not at all tat of pure silks need to fill a market demand, even if they have created that demand themselves. That’s why they are called trend setters; they lead by design of whatever commodity they stitched up wisely from market and customer analysis and a bit of creative thinking and design.

Economy and commerce

Considerations of previous and past markets have been economic, both for the seller and buyer; cultural, sociological and anthropological changes and evolution’s have and always will turn fashion on its side and behold the one person who champions the new thing.

A healthy option and choice

So this is my time on my soapbox to ask what can be done for a need I have when it comes to my fashion choices. Lists of health conditions have a bigger list of symptoms and sadly sometime no cure is available. If it’s one of those conditions in which management of symptoms and side effects involve painkillers and getting on with it is usually the best a person can do. I could tell you more about how bad it can get however this is an article to get the fashion world to champion an answer to a girl’s dilemma of what she going to wear on a night out when symptoms expanded her stomach to the size Mr Blobby or the world is spinning before the first tipple.

Feeling alien

I want to know what will make a girl with skinny legs and semi muscular arms look good despite her belly looking like an alien is about to burst out (it can also feel like that too). My current solution to this is to have two different wardrobes, size 12 for good days and size 14/16 for symptomatic days, determined on what occurs on these days depends on if it’s a good fit or at best looks good. Confidence takes a big bashing whilst suffering from symptoms we can be thinking about cancelling the night out.


Compromising situations

One of my answers has been elastic waistlines but I need to make sure these items of clothes still look nice enough to wear out and not that I couldn’t be bothered to make an effort. Being a bigger woman can mean baggy uncompromising and unseemly. This is not right in any demographic; trends have moved on to being proud of your body shape and have confidence with it.

Masking the issues

When suffering ill health we already hate the world and themselves in the worst case scenarios and needs to let her hair down and shake their thing without worrying about mishaps presenting themselves. There’s the need to wear a mask, many a time if you look closely they can reveal everything in their facial features, extra pale or hot flushes and the eyes can reveal all about the pain. I am not suggesting that the fashion industry create actual masks but maybe look at make-up that might adjust to the issues mentioned.

Unicorn it and believe in yourself

All we want is a helping hand with their auto immune condition and just go with it, we are strong and are more than happy to realize that there are always people worse off than they are but on the night we want to brave the public and be a shiny bright unicorn believing party people we need to know that the fashion and makeup choices don’t make us look or feel like ogres under a bridge. Viva a fashion trend that can cope with my health needs as well as my financial and still celebrates my personality and sexuality. Perhaps a fashion trend to fit with a variety of health needs should be rivaling advancements such as digital enterprise and 3D printing?

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