More mystery and intrigue with Elizabeth McKenna

A review of the crime mystery “The great jewel robbery” written by Elizabeth McKenna…

The make shift fashion police journalist and a reporter in the guise of wannabe detectives end up having a great excuse to play at being real life investigators after being in the right place at the right time when the great jewel robbery takes place.

Could putting a big piece of jewelry as the high end auction prize to the highest bidder of the elite attending the soiree to raise money for charity and get noticed with the gained notoriety of being able to afford such a gem be risky?

What happens when the big boys and girls meet their match in the fun loving  journalist team duo of Grace and Emma who have a flair for being  inquisitively and doing it all with a hint for trendy  fashion too. Our two girls have an investigative streak to use when the jewels disappear in a trail of injury, misdemeanors and come across those boys from the elite who might now be having a cash flow problem or two as investments might not have been so fruitful.

The top ten of who’s in vogue, who earns the most and who has the highest net worth soon becomes the top ten likely suspects for thieving the most expensive auction lot of the year making this the most memorable auction of all time.

Our bravest and sassiest pair plays at solving the crime and take advantage of the after show party which is now a crime scene (do not leave the country type of thing) to their advantage and try and solve the crime of their lifetime whilst maybe enjoying some romance too.

The ending, well no spoilers please, you will have to read it to find out….

See more about the author –

Laura Sansom



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