Obsession with the mysterious

As a genre we truly love a little mystery and perhaps the grislier the better – UFO’s and all but a bit of crime drama well there are book shop shelves and TV channels with a focus on this theme.

We enjoy the drama of some deed that has been committed that is immoral and/or criminal and the need to find the resolution, the who instigated the wrong doing and why such a thing should have occurred.

Lise McClendon adds a female perspective to the before mentioned style of story. Women have some big challenges to deal with and these can possibly be something of having made bad choices and decisions and this fuels an extra complexity to Lise’s work.

Her current story sees her character in France where everything can not be seen as petite by any means – big drama, big romance, big issues and an even bigger crime.

Read more at – https://thaliapress.wordpress.com/ and http://www.ireadbooktours.com/





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