Guest spot

Recently I was given the opportunity to guest on a popular blog by Esther Chilton and I wanted to know more…………

Esther has always loved words and writing, but she started out working with figures in a bank. She was on an accelerated training programme and studying banking exams, which meant she didn’t have time for writing so it wasn’t long before it was a thing of the past – or so Esther thought. Her love affair with writing ignited again when she had a serious injury to her back. It meant she could no longer carry out her job working in the bank and it led her back to writing, which has now become a daily part of her life.

She has now been working as a freelance writer for nearly twenty years, regularly writing articles and short stories for magazines and newspapers such as Freelance Market News, Writers’ Forum, Writing Magazine, The Guardian, Best of British, The Cat, and The People’s Friend to name a few.  

Winner of Writing Magazine, Writers’ News and several other writing competitions and awards, Esther has also had the privilege of judging writing competitions.

As well as working as a freelance writer, she has branched out into the exciting world of copywriting, providing copy for sales letters, brochures, leaflets, web pages, slogans and e-mails.

Esther loves writing but equally she enjoys helping others, which she achieves in her role as a tutor for The Writers Bureau. She feels like a proud parent when one of her students has a piece of writing published. Some of them have gone on to become published authors and have achieved great success.

In addition to tutoring Esther works as a freelance copyeditor offering an editing, guidance and advice service for authors and writers. She has edited novels, non-fiction books, articles and short stories. You can find out more about it here:


 Twitter: Esther Chilton


Facebook: Esther Chilton


Many thanks for all her help with all the writers she has assisted and wish her well with her future projects and successful students.


So there is something quite serious about writing, creative or otherwise. Sometimes there needs to be an investment of time – sitting there writing, tapping at keys on the computer possibly researching topics for your genre.

There should however be some sort of reward, a benefit, usually a congratulations of some sort. Perhaps a standing ovation! Publication being the end result for most writers. 

However for the learning curves and the before mentioned investment of time and good will, curricular or otherwise there’s the good old fashioned classic – the certificate. That A4 sheet that tells you well done whilst having been time stamped and autographed from a trusted source. It’s the one thing you will never put in the recycling bin. They can have pride of place on the fridge next to the adorably abstract kids art or presented professionally in a portfolio.

So for the love of hard work we collect our reward and show off at suitable (and perhaps less suitable) times. Think CV’s and cover letters that lead to interviews for placements or jobs.

So for the past year or two with much time spent either cosy nights in with the laptop or early mornings before I go to work I have been catching up with some e-learning and well there’s the new fan-dangled things called digital certificates now don’t you know.?

Well done me.



Educational staycation

So I have an end of year plan that involves cashing in a small savings scheme and use it to at least to pay towards a week at a driving school / intense course.

 The fore and against this method of learning to drive has been converesd and noted but it wins out because I can focus on the task at hand without consulting my normal diary, work diary and writing diary. Isolation from the before mentioned activities would also be an amazing help.

However that’s in the future. The current need for intensity is some home schooling. A thousand and one skills gap to fill, some just need the proof of a functioning skillset I do have.

So a week off and I have already reviewed previously logged in courses that need finishing plus the ones I have shown interest in (but certainly not started yet). Plus there’s the diploma too.

So this week’s educational program is to finish the lessons a third, a quarter and three quarters done with the mission  being to complete as much as humanly possible in seven days. Yes, maths is definitely one of my focus points.

So back to school I go, with the occasional visit to the coffee shop or restaurant or pub for a quick break. xxx

To Yacht or not?

We all know about price comparison sites. These adverts want us to believe that this will be the most important decision we will have to make today, this week, this month or perhaps our entire lifetime. It isn’t though is it?

 Hasn’t there always been bigger life decisions? We make decisions about our persuasion, gender specificity and a whole host of moments where we arrive at a conclusion you probably knew you would always make.

 There’s also the do I take the job? Do I get Married because divorce stats are through the roof so we believe. Vegetarianism or veganism?  To forgive and forget? What about social, anthropological and religious factors and upbringings and the consequences?

 There are so many questions on what should be done and what’s best. Sometimes we worry about little things. After some recent research, trawling the travel agents and glossing over holiday brochures I am just grateful that at this moment in time the only decision I have to think about right now is not only what vacation destination to choose but whether I should Yacht or not? Life can’t be that bad if this is the biggest decision I need to make. After recent challenge I am most grateful for this minor indecision.

Successfully avoiding all sailing puns in this post.

 Bon voyage. Xx

To passing on values – The Mission Fat Hearts movie

 So what’s more important than inspiring the children within your family unit to be good and to be kind? These values are what inspired Mandy Rohr to create Mission Fat Hearts in America. A project to instil good values, friendships and compassion to the children and youth of today and acceptance of all whilst teaching children the benefits of kindness to others.

 This then led to Rebbeca Yee-Peters to write The adventures of Pookie books, appreciating and passing on the values of the project. A believer in the concepts of teaching children what a small act of kindness can do for others inspired her to write the adventures.

 Now there’s the celebration of her writing in an animated film The Mission Fat Hearts movie, based on the books. An animated movie with Rebecca’s writing in mind and Mandy’s project at the source. In fact the film was one big family adventure as her family got involved in the film doing voiceovers. The Mission Fat Hearts the movie is a feel good film about doing good, what’s more perfect than that. A celebration in passing on values and teaching children that kindness will always be rewarded in a good heart.

 Keep up to date at and find out more about the project too.


Timely Family values

Time is such a vital commodity but it’s worth is centred firmly around the hours spent with family.

We are still inspired by the values of a family unit, no matter the construct or make up of the grouping. I am part of a family, a member of a kinship and siblings and all those accepted as one of the bunch. We rely and lean to others in whatever mix of relatives are in the union. There has to just be love, unconditional love at that.

I feel guilty if I haven’t phoned mother in a few days, visited nan, had drinks with aunts and if I missed out on darts nights with the rest of the family. Then there’s the guilt of not babysitting the niece or having the nephew over for a sleepover.

Despite possible disfunctions, old and new bonds and odd set ups or the norm there is still the whole concept of family values. Family is there too simply love some one without any hold ups or inclination of mistrust. There has to be loyalty and respect. It’s the thing that makes the population grow and the world go around.


Not that interesting……….

 Daring to title your blog piece as ” Not that interesting” may seem foolhardy but it’s a funny old world and humour is often my therapy. 

 So this little bit is about the odd questions I am often asked and the suggestions made of how my life now and certainly before when my life has been nothing but a dodgy episode of a dire soap opera. The drama, drama and drama and the odd laugh along the way.

 So when I am told I am one of the Thelma and Louise pairing I wonder what one! When asked whats going on with my fringe, a little “Something about Mary” look going on apparently, my answer and here it is folks – my life probably is not that interesting.

 A good girl at heart and commited I am certainly not perfect or inocent. It’s not like I have danced on pool tables, nearly ran off to the circus, nearly entered a world record attempt for the longest kiss or had training with the highest ranking Sensei for a few hours and I have certainly never slept overnight in the park or got so drunk I nearly took the door of the car off getting into the car of Prince charming who braved taking me home after a night out and I never defused a bar fight in French!

 A girl can have a few regrets about her past or present but some made her the woman she grew into. Silver linings and all that.